We have designed for our international or national patients not residing in Colombia, a strategic plan of integral, personalized and bilingual accompaniment. In this plan, they will be able to have communication facilities and accessibility to all our services, guaranteeing medical and therapeutic solutions according to their needs.

We manage your general and specialized medical consultation services (psychological and therapeutic support), clinical laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging. We provide solutions focused not only on individual attention but also for your family group.

How do you know if you and your family applies for
our international patient care?

It's very easy!

For My Medical Clinic, a “Foreign” patient is any person who does not have Colombian nationality.

You must have a residence in Colombia no longer than 6 months.

You may be passing through our country, either for health reasons, vacations, work, studies, etc.

What we Offer?

Step by Step

If you have selected My Medical Clinic as an option to receive your health care, in this section we provide you with some recommendations to organize your trip, stay, appointments and special scheduling.

Through our digital or telephone channels, as applicable, you will be able to schedule the date, place and time of your care.

After receiving your request, My Medical Clinic will respond with a warm welcome greeting and proceed to send the following data:
• Address of the location where the service will be provided.
• Date and time of the scheduled service(s), as appropriate.
• Instructions and indications necessary for the performance of the service.
• Information on who will assist you at My Medical Clinic according to the service requested.
• When you go to the reception desk at the agreed schedule, you should ask for the My Medical Clinic contact, who will accompany and guide you during your visit to our Institution.
• In case you require face-to-face service at our headquarters, at the reception you will be attended by our service host who will guide you throughout your stay.
• Once this is established, you should take into account the following:
• If you are outside the country or the metropolitan area, and you must schedule your trip, you can do it through our strategic alliance with Salud Sin Fronteras, with them you can find the best places for accommodation and support in your travel plans
• We will send you by email information about our transportation alliances in the country, so it will be very easy to manage your mobility.
• If you are in the metropolitan area and do not need to manage a trip, you can simply coordinate your care through our digital or telephone channels, move to your appointment or scheduled procedure on the date and time stipulated.

We will always be with you! We will do so through the following means:
Direct phone: 300 913 36 55
WhatsApp: 3182432748
Do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

Please take into account the following recommendations to enter Colombia:

  • Valid passport in good condition.
  • Visa, when required. See
  • Check-Mig form completed from 72 hours to 1 hour before the flight,
  • Have medical health insurance in case of emergency, with contact details and help desk numbers of your insurance company. Documents related to any particular health condition should be known in case of an emergency.

Review the current year’s calendar in advance for special holidays, which may interfere with your mobility or scheduling of appointments and consultations.

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